5 Budget Friendly Diet Deliveries


Diet meal plans are surely one of the most efficient ways to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The convenience of having your meals planned, prepared, and delivered to you is simply priceless. You would think a meal plan subscription would break your bank, but there are actually budget friendly diet deliveries that wouldn’t require you to spend more!

Here are 5 affordable diet delivery meal plans you can avail within Metro Manila:


PLAN:EAT’s most affordable plan is Plan1200, a 1,200 calories per day meal plan for only Php 1,200 inclusive of breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus morning and afternoon snacks. With the Php 100 weekly delivery charge, it would sum up to cost only Php 260 per day!

Other plans include Plan1500, Plan1800, and Plan2000.






0917 305 5510

2. Fit Cuisine

Fit Cuisine’s most affordable meal plan starts at Php 1,600 per week for 1,200kcal per day. The plan is inclusive of 3 low-calorie meals plus one snack for 5 days with free delivery. This will only cost you Php 320 per day!

They also offer other plans for 1,500kcal/day and 1,800 kcal/day.


Fit Cuisine



0917 677 6275


3. Dear Diet PH

Dear Diet offers the standard 1,200 calories per day meal plan for only Php 1,700 with free delivery. The plan includes 3 meals, 1 snack, 1 fruit, plus detox water and coffee everyday for 5 days costing only Php 340 for the daily set!

Other plans include 1500, 1800, and 2000 calorie per day diet plans.


Dear Diet PH





4. Fitness Gourmet PH

Fitness Gourmet has a wide selection of plans you can avail. The most affordable plan they have costs P1,800 per week for 1200 calories per day inclusive of 3 meals plus one snack. Delivery charge varies from Php 50 – Php 80 depending on your location.

Other meal plans include High Protein meal, HCG meal, and more.


Fitness Gourmet PH




0917 361 3474 / 0917 574 3474 /0999 888 2217


5. Diet Diva

Diet Diva’s 1200 calories per day meal plan costs Php 1,900 per week inclusive of 3 low-calorie meals and one snack. They also have the Lean Machine, a meal plan for those who want to build up some muscles. It’s priced at P2,800 per week. Aside from the good healthy food, part of prices also go to Save The Children Foundation. Awesome, right?


Diet Diva




0917 703 3482

Have you tried diet deliveries before? Tell us about your meal plans!


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